Unlike most traditional art majors, I did not find any luck in solely perusing traditional artistic mediums. My heart and my passion were not in it. I found the aspects of design quite interesting and vital to my practice, but I knew painting and drawing were not mediums I wanted to work in exclusively for the rest of my life. One of the first classes I took at university was a course devoted to helping assess what career path a student should take. One of the career paths that stuck out to me in my early moments as a student was that of a Creative Director. After some thorough research, I decided to declare myself an art major and dismiss my original plans to pursue a business degree. I signed up for Typography and Photography, courses that introduced me to Adobe Creative Suite. I became enamored with the ability to create art through digital practices and knew I found the right medium for me. Since I was formally declared as an art major, I was still required to take courses in traditional mediums. I feel these courses turned out to be highly beneficial to my practice as this is where I acquired my understanding for design and visual compositions. I decided to take courses in both digital and traditional mediums and apply the knowledge I acquired to produce as an artist.

During my time as an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara I have been equipped with various skills in the realm of computational arts and digital programing. The beginning of my career as a university student consisted of several courses pertaining to digital imaging. I became proficient in using Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Aperture, and Final Cut Pro. As my interests in computational art continued I began taking courses on digital programming. I started learning the basic web design languages, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. From there, I started working on interactive projects that used user interaction and digital programming to create modern art. Through the use of C Family languages, Java, PD, and basic robot building I was able to create these real world products.

In taking these digital courses and exploring the world of digital art, I discovered I had a deep interest in bridging the gab between the real world and the digital world. I find it interesting to simulate traditional methods of art making through my digital course work and plan to continue pursing this topic in my future endeavors as an artist.

In addition to my interests in bridging this gap, I am highly interested in fashion. For the past three years, I worked at American Apparel while attending school. I have been fortunate enough to learn about different aspects of the fashion industry during my time there. American Apparel has taught me a great deal about sales and about what it takes to be a brand. During my time with the company, I learned about textiles, visual design, color arrangement, sales, management, marketing, advertising and much more. My co-workers and I would often discuss current trends we saw throughout the fashion industry, providing me with an environment to engage and discuss my interests. I have learned tremendously through working and the many discussions with my co-workers.

I would like to incorporate all of my interests with the digital skills I have acquired through my course work at the University of California, Santa Barbara.