Digital Abstraction

Here is a sample image of a project I submitted for my Advanced Digital Media course. It is an art instillation that interacts with users via a computer. It is written using Java on Processing. The idea for this project is to combine the art of writing with visual art, while also requiring user input and interaction from the real world. Each time a user presses a key on the keyboard, a line will be drawn on a digital canvas. This key corresponds to a specific color; however, each time it is pressed a different sized line will be generated in a different part of the canvas. The keys pressed will be recorded and displayed with the lines, providing users with a written documentation of what they have entered and a visual documentation to supplement their interaction. My inspirations for this piece were the abstract paintings I learned about and analyzed in my art history classes and the abstract paintings I saw hung in various galleries around the world. In particular, I was deeply inspired by Jackson Pollock and the way the paint fell on the canvas. I asked myself how this would be translated if it were to be a digital painting. Seeing as how the digital world is sharper and far more linear, I felt displaying varying lines were equivalent to paint drizzled on paper. I then thought about how I could interact users digitally to create these lines. As someone that uses my computer to record life events, I thought writing, or typing, would be a great way to implement this necessary interaction. My goal is to provide a space where users can share their story, something I believe to be art in itself, and create a visual image. In doing this, I am combining two methods of expression through an untraditional medium. The sample image is of the visual aspect of the installation. I am currently working on the text portion of the installation and perfecting its aesthetics.


Further Projects