Cyber-Selves Searching for Love

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Dissertation + Exhibition Piece

My final project, Cyber-Selves Searching for Love, is heavily connected to my dissertation piece. Essentially, I aim to create a program that opens up a discussion about the research I have been conducting over the year. These ellipses feature the conversations I received from some of my willing participants, as well as some of my own experiences from online dating apps. This piece is meant to supplement my research through, what I argued to be, the most intimate forms of our “multiple-selves”; the self we are when using online dating apps.

The “multiple-selves” is a theory that each individual embodies multiple versions of themselves. There is a self that exists is cyberspace or the internet, which I refer to as our “cyber-self.” In contrast, there is a self that exists in the physical world, which I refer to as our “physical-self.” Without always being conscious of it, these selves differ from each other. This difference can either be immense or fairly minute. Granted, there are situations where this difference is completely conscious and deliberate, however, most of the time, most people are unaware of the fact that they have different versions of themselves to display to the public.

Cyber-Selves Searching for Love sheds light on the most intimate version of our cyber-self through visualizations and audio. Each screen shows a series of messages either sent or received by the participant. A pair of messages continuously remain static at a random location on the screen. Users can double tap the Trackpad to enable the audio functions of the program. If they do not care to read or hear more about the conversation, they can swipe left to filter in a new set of messages from a different conversation and a different pair of online dating app users. If they are interested in knowing more about the conversation on the screen, they can swipe right and a new set of static messages will be placed at a random location on the screen.

Although I am exemplifying only one aspect of our multiple-selves, it is the version of the self that helped me understand the multiple-selves and how our cyber-self differs from our physical-self. Whilst being fundamental to my research and my dissertation, my piece aims to create an immersive environment that is conceptually driven and allows users to reflect on the idea of the multiple-selves and how they are reading the most intimate version of someone else’s cyber-self.

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